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Slumberland Company was founded in the British isles in 1919 and has earned a reputation of currently being an expert in the mattress sector. Slumberland mattresses and pillows are designed and particularly produced with shoppers desires in mind. All the merchandise are created making use of Slumberland fillings, cloth and most current spring technologies techniques. With a strong brand name presence of 90 years in the field, it has been voted as a Superbrand 2012 by a survey executed among the public.

Slumberland mattresses can be categorised into two kinds specifically Posture Flex collection and Posture Pocket selection. The Posture Flex has Rhine, Shannon, Waveney Backcare, Blue Seal, Crimson Seal and Purple Seal less than its collection. The Selection is suitable for the entire spouse and children that includes substantial density memory foam for a fantastic night's relaxation.

Rhine – Consists of above 500 personal springs, hand tufted filling, foam encapsulated for extra help and fibre for the ultimate convenience.

Shannon – It is ideal for bedsteads with posture flex springs assistance. The quilted mattress is foam encapsulated with levels of fibre for optimum convenience.

Waveney Backcare – Extra than 500 pocket springs throughout the entire sleeping area with customarily handcrafted mattress address.

Blue Seal – It functions the Slumberland complete edge aid technique blended with Sensity crammed material, which includes probiotic microcapsules that retains the mattress hygienic, healthy and contemporary.

Pink Seal – It is very similar with the Blue Seal model and will come with the posture flex spring procedure and Sensity capsule procedure.

Purple Seal – It has the similar capabilities as the Blue and Purple Seal besides that it is no flip and has to be turned routinely,

Posture Pocket collection has Gold Seal, Silver Seal, Bronze Seal, Cushion Memory Moreover, Onyx Cushion Memory, Zircon Cushion Memory, Harmony Seal, Octave and Danube beneath its belt.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Seal- These mattresses come with 2700, 2300 and 1900 particular person pocket spring units respectively for that unparalleled stage of comfort and assistance. All of them attribute the complete edge guidance procedure blended with Sensity micro capsule cloth. Fillings contain delicate cotton, silk and purely natural wool with storage alternatives.

Cushion Memory Furthermore, Onyx Cushion Memory and Zircon Cushion Memory – All will come with the cushion convenience in addition cloth and memory foam airflow process merged with Slumberland rest program and Sensity technologies.

Harmony Seal – Built up with 800 pocket spring units and foam encapsulation.

Octave – Has 1200 pocket springs combined with the foam capsulation and probiotic micro capsules

Danube – Will come with much more than 800 springs for excess support, which is suited for bedsteads.

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