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The Bearded Dragon foodstuff you have to have to give your pet ranges from bugs, to fruits, to live animals to veggies. They have first rate appetites and are not really picky eaters but there are some food items you must hardly ever give your Beardie simply because even one meal of that variety can induce a lethal response.

Although it is ok to give your pet certain insects, you ought to not give him a firefly (also recognised as a lightning bug) for any explanation in anyway. The firefly has a chemical-the luminescence-in the body that will kill a Beardie.

Other Bearded Dragon foods although not instantly poisonous like the firefly can guide to a chain of occasions that will destroy your pet. Foodstuff like bugs with tough shells you should not transfer as a result of the Beardie's digestive procedure and stop up resulting in an impaction to acquire. An impaction happens when the food gets caught.

By no means give your Bearded Dragon food items that could have get in touch with contamination with any variety of pesticide. That signifies you should not go finding up food for your Beardie from the lawn. Though Beardies really like to devour insects and they're regarded a staple in the food plan, not all insects are secure for them.

Some spiders are deadly for the Beardie and some are not, so much better to steer clear of them than to threat it. Also, stay clear of iceberg lettuce mainly because it can upset their tummy and trigger diarrhea which can guide to dehydration and death. Steer clear of any food items which is way too substantial for the pet as perfectly as furry rodents due to the fact the fur is tricky on their digestive method.

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