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Diarrhea is a quite prevalent affliction in guinea pigs. But it isn't really usually serious and can be remedied promptly with the proper variety of remedy.


Guinea pig diarrhea is liquid and from time to time runny, and normally tender. It is really distinguishable from normal feces which are rounded and really hard. Diarrhea is often accompanied by a amount of other signs or symptoms. You may well observe that the cavy is just not having as significantly as standard, is showing signals of agony in the abdomen space and is having difficulties getting by means of each day pursuits.

If you discover that the diarrhea is pretty repeated or that it smells truly poor, you ought to hurry your pet to a vet promptly. This may be a extreme situation and you really should deal with it urgently in this sort of a time, you may also come across the pig experience extremely weak or inactive.

Brings about

Diarrhea is ordinarily brought on by indigestion because of to ingesting the wrong food, and isn't really as well difficult to deal with. Having said that, it can also be brought about by a host of other things which, though not as typical, pose a true danger. A single of these will cause is parasites: micro organism or fungus can in some cases be ingested with meals and bring about diarrhea.

Ironically, diarrhea can be also triggered by medication. If your pig is at this time staying handled for any condition with medicines, people may perhaps very well be the lead to as well. 1 other common trigger is not consuming more than enough hay. Hay is particularly significant in maintaining the digestive wellbeing of your guinea pig and a lack of it will almost unquestionably guide to diarrhea.


The to start with thing to do is end feeding your pig fruits and veggies. Right until the diarrhea is gone, the pig must mainly eat timothy hay (with maybe some foods pellets) and drink tons of h2o. You should really individually make positive that food stuff and drinking water are currently being ingested, or hand-feed if needed. It is necessary to keep the pig fed and nicely hydrated at this time.

If you have not by now, you ought to be filling your cavy's cage with an abundance of refreshing hay this is essential is that contains the diarrhea. Some of the hay may possibly have gotten spoilt and may possibly have triggered the issue in the first area, so if you can, you really should switch all the hay with a fresh new batch.

You must be equipped to see a drastic advancement within just a day. If you do not, get it as a major condition and see the vet instantly.

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