5 Tips to Naturally Cleanse Your Body at Home

Top 10 Summary

*Water comprises 72% of our body and has a remarkable memory, so it should be treated with care.

*Drinking tap water immediately can be harmful due to potential molecular changes.

*Traditionally, people stored water overnight with vibhuti and kumkum to allow it to “undo” any negative influences.

*Food, constituting 12% of our body, should be considered carefully, including its source and how it’s consumed.

*Air, making up 6% of our body, plays a crucial role, with only a tiny portion involved in breathing.

*Taking children to natural settings like rivers, mountains, or hills is beneficial for their health and mental well-being.

*The cinema environment can negatively affect the air, emotions, and intentions.

*Spending time in natural settings is a cost-effective way to practice “bhuta shuddhi” or purification of the elements.

*Sunlight is still pure and essential for overall well-being.

*It’s important to consider the nature of the inner fire or emotions within us, such as greed, hatred, love, or compassion, as they impact our health.

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